Monday, August 18, 2008

College Football

I love college football and a fan of Florida State, and I came cross this funny story. Of course I changed the names in the story but it works......for me!!!!!

A Notre Dame Irish fan, Michigan Wolverines fan, Florida Gators fan, and a Florida State Seminole fan all went to the top of a mountain. They were enjoying their time on the mountain until they started arguing about who has the better football program. To prove that Michigan had the better program he jumped up and said "This is for all Wolverines fans!" and jumped off the mountain. The Florida fan jumped and said "Oh yeah... well this for the S.E.C. and Gator nation!" and jumped of the mountain. Not to be outdone by his rival the Florida State fan jumped and said "This is for the Seminole fans, the A.C.C., and all of college football!" and then pushed the Irish fan off the mountain!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Must Tell of the Goodness

I have been trying to be more vocal in my convictions for Christ. It used to be that once I leave after Sunday morning worship, I felt I did my part for the week. I didn't leave there and share what I have learned with anybody else. It was not because I was ashamed of being a christian, but I guess you could say I was trying to be "politically correct". I didn't want to offend any non believers or force my beliefs on anybody else. But my Pastor has challenged our congregation to be more vocal and active in our walk for Christ.

I have been telling my co workers, friends, family and sometimes strangers about the goodness of Jesus! I don't worry anymore about what people may think of me. Friends of mine often ask me, "how did you become so churchy, I remember when you used to do some not so churchy things." And its true, I haven't always been saved, I used to do a lot of things that I wouldn't do today. But I have come to the realization that I can't do the same things I used to do. I understand that since I am a believer, everything that I do will be scrutinized by the unbelievers. I used to think that all I have to do is just show up on Sundays, play the organ, say a little prayer and go on about my business. But there is a lot more that I can do!

As I look I see crime rates around the world go up and the ages of the perpetrators getting younger, I often wonder if these young boys and girls are receiving guidance from not only their parents but there local churches as well. I remember there were times where I would act up in school and I would be just as afraid of Mother Taylor, Deacon Gathright or other members of my church, then I was of my own parents! Now my parents didn't play around, but I would expect that from my own parents. But when it comes from people outside your house, in particular your church home, it is reinforced! I understand that we live in a different time then it was 15-20 years ago, but I just believe if all of us believers would do our part outside of the church, the world would be a better place.

Pray my strength in the Lord as I try to do my part! God Bless

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Another Servant

My name is Avery Minor II. I am not a preacher, I am not a deacon, I am not on the trustee board, I am just another servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I do, however, serve a Music Director (Organ/Keyboard) for Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church of South Bend, IN under the leadership of Senior Pastor Keith D. Witherspoon.

I never really thought much about blogging, but I found reading and responding to other blog spots such as Pastor Witherspoons, Pastor Andre Mcgee, Pastor Lance Mann, and others was very relaxing and fulfilling, so I thought that I would give a try with my own blog. Now again, I am not a preacher, so my blogs will not be as deep as the fore mentioned bloggers.

I have organized a gospel group, we go by the name Avery Minor II and the Temples of Praise. We recently opened for national recording artist Vickie Winans this past Saturday. I was excited to be able to be apart of such a dynamic event. The concert was held in the auditorium of Washington High. They have beautiful auditorium and it seats about 600 people. When we arrived for sound check, I stood on the stage and just looked around the auditorium overwhelmed that we were about to take the stage in a place such as this and for a such notable artist! We were one of two groups to open, the first group was Debra Givens and High Praise. I really couldn't tell what they were singing, but I could tell the people were really getting with them, and that's when the nervousness set in for me. I begin worrying about that Sis. Givens had the audience at such a high level how can I keep it there? Am I really ready for this? I began doubting myself and second guessing my song list. Before I knew it, Sis. Givens and her group were done with their set and the M.C. was introducing us and I panicked. Then my wife said, "Hey! We haven't prayed yet!" In the heat of everything I totally forgot to look to God about what we were about to do. We circled up and Lady Tina Patton lead us in prayer. And at the end of that prayer, my mind was clear, I knew what I wanted to do. I recognized that the concert was not a show, but another opportunity to praise God and that's all that matters. We took the stage and it was such beautiful thing! I had not been out to the auditorium since sound check when no one was there. Now I am walking on stage to an audience of about 450-500. It was tight!!! I spot my Pastor and his wife, along with other minsters from my church. They all were standing applauding, and that made me feel great, because I knew no matter what happened, they had my back. This was actually going the first real test for songs that are going to be on our CD. We did three songs, my version of 'Lord, I Lift Your Name On High', 'I Need You Jesus' and 'Lift Him'. On every song we received great response from the congregation. The spirit of the Lord was in the place! At the end of 'I Need You Jesus', Pastor Witherspoon came to the stage and began ministering to the people and tore the place down in 5 minutes! People were falling out, screaming, shouting, dancing, just praising the Lord!! I have received multiple posts on my website asking about Pastor Witherspoon! He really brought home that song!! He likes to down play his preaching ability, but I don't know how he could think that way after a night like that!!!

So finally Vickie Winans took the stage. She did her thing! And she really made a connection with the audience with not only her songs, but with humor as well. She is hilarious!!! I count the whole program a success!!