Monday, December 1, 2008

Wrong Perception

An old Lady had just finished her time at the slot machines in a Las Vegas casino. She steps onto an elevator with her bucket of quarters and just as the the elevators doors were closing 4 large black men walked on the elevator and stood beside her. She at this point is paranoid and is really nervous and shaky. One black man says hit the ground floor for me lady.... The lady then falls down and drops all her quarters scared out of her mind and shouts "Take it all just don't hurt me!"..... The black men start rolling and exit the elevator when it opens. The next morning the lady is awakened by the manager and he has a dozen roses and a envelope. She opens the envelope and there is a letter that explains that they meant only to hit the button for the ground floor but thanked her for the best laugh i have had in years. Sorry to scare you -Michael Jordan. Enclosed was a 10,000 casino marker.